Wildcat Staff Newsletter

Week of October 17, 2016

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When thinking of this week's newsletter and our site needs, the word, "holes" popped in my head. (Fun fact: I Googled the word 'holes.' This was a total mistake. I now realize I have acute trypophobia. Blarg.)

I know you just Googled 'holes' and may realize you also suffer from trypophobia. That's on you. :)

I digress. One thing I hear a lot around campus is, "Why aren't we doing ___?" "Who can fix our technology?" "There's no one to ___."

And everyone who says that is absolutely correct. We are missing some key supports. Last year, my understanding is that there were supports and people in place that took care of these things for us, but that these supports have moved to other sites this year.

So...how do we get the support? We ARE the support. It just looks different. Part of rebuilding during a time of transition is stepping up to fill the voids that impact your day and create a positive school climate.

Who will create a schedule to check out the Wildcat Cash?

Who will support our kids in making our garden a great place again?

Who will put in a trouble ticket to get our technology looked at?

Who will cover classes when a sub job doesn't fill?

Who will get the reflection room going?

Who will get our families on campus?

Who will put together assemblies for our kids?

Who will create boosters and help support positive behavior?

Who will support our kids who need additional support and instruction?

Who will help translate for our kids and families?

Who will go to family nights?

Who will join the PTA meetings?

These are just a few of MANY questions of who will do these things. The list goes on and on...We can't count on the site principal alone. This also can't fall on the leadership team. Or Instructional Coach.

If we want these voids and holes to be filled, we need to work together as a team to get them done. Please, if you haven't already stepped in to fill a void, now is the time to do so! We all want Northridge to continue to be an awesome place for our kids, but we can't rely on the same people. We don't want anyone to burn out so let's share the load!

What hole will you fill?

We can't do it without everyone on site. I promise.


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Every School Has a Story: Fall Academic Partnership Conference

What impact does family engagement have on student success?
1. Accelerates literacy acquisition.

2. Higher test scores and grades.

3. Higher level programs.

4. More credits and promotions.

5. Adapt better at school.

6. Attend school regularly.

7. Better social skills and behavior.

8. Graduate and move on to higher education.

"Educators believe parent engagement is an add-on. But it is essential." - Dr. Karen Mapp

What great time to come together as a team to discuss the school climate at Northridge, the need to bring parents in as partners and the barriers we face to do so. Home Visits, Academic Parent Teacher Teams, Goal Setting, Surveys, Multi-cultural celebrations, parent feedback...we talked about and considered so much!

Some take aways from the team:

"I enjoyed going around the room to see what other schools are planning on doing. I noticed there is a need for parent input through surveys about communication, not only for our school, but so many others." - Michelle Wooner

"There is a need to improve home and school communication." - Celeste

"We need to really consider how welcoming our school really is. Do people smile and greet others?" - Jenn

"We have the structure and bones to build a welcoming culture. We need to model bringing parents in as partners and communicate in a positive way." - Michelle Calvert

"I'm glad Home Visits came up. It feels like there has been a disconnect between parents and the school. It's the teacher link missing." - Claudia

So, what will this look like? We are still exploring as a team, but are committed to the following:

1. Funding & training for home visits.

2. Exploring APTT

3. Surveying families on best ways to communicate.

4. Implement School Smarts

5. Hold monthly assemblies to acknowledge students and bring families in to celebrate.

6. Monthly principal coffee chat.

Upcoming Dates

Master Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/b/1/render#main_7

Monday, 10/17:
Just Think Math Training @ Oakview 8-10:45 1st grade, 12:15-3pm Kinder

Scholastic Planning Day - 2nd grade

Tuesday, 10/18: Just Think Math Training @ Oakview 8-10:45 5th/6th gr, 12:15-3pm 4th gr. Scholastic Planning Day - 1st grade

Kinder field trip AM

School Site Council @ 3:35pm in Room 18

Wednesday, 10/19:

Principal Network Meeting @ 8-12 Luhrsen out, Benke TIC

Scholastic Planning Day - Kinder

Thursday, 10/20:

Scholastic Demo Day K-2

Collaboration time: Whole Group (Room TBD)

Friday, 10/21:

Country Faire @ 5:30-8:30


Other dates:

10/27 McTeacher Night

Week of 10/23: Red Ribbon Week