Johannes Brahms

By: Matthew Snider

Birth and Death

Date of Birth: May 7, 1833
Country of Birth: Hamburg, Germany

Date of Death: April 3, 1897
Cause of Death: Liver Problems, and Cancer

Childhood and Family

Johannes Brahms' father was a double bassist in the Hamburg Philharmonic Society. Also, Johannes Brahms started playing the piano at age 7.

Lullaby is his most famous song!

3 Interesting Facts

1. In 1853, he was introduced to the renowned German composer and music critic, Robert Schumann.

2. In 1854, when Schumann fell ill, Brahms assisted Schumann' wife.

3. Over his last years, he completed " Vier Ernste Gesange," which drew on work from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament.

Who did Johannes Brahms work for?

Mostly, he worked for himself while composing music.

Why do you think this composer is still famous, listened to, talked about today?

I think he is still famous because of his "most famous song" Lullaby, which is the song often dang to babies to help them go to sleep.