diary of a wimpy kid hard luck

by : Jeff Kenny

by Aidan Martel

Jeff Kenny was born in Washington D.C and is the father of 2 kids and made the diary of a wimpy kid seires and also made the wedsit called poptropica


it starts off with bad luck for Greg Heffly because his best freind rowly got a girl freind and he starts to ignore Greg.

Greg has try allot of ways to make his luck better he has try fortune cookies but when one of them said he was going to get a new pair of pants he gave up on the idea of using fortune cookies for his to predict his life. then one day Greg finds a magic 8 ball and he plans to use it to turn his luck around.

eventuly greg finds a way to make his luck better but it is a way you probily would not have guessed he would but it all turns out good in the end for him. read this book if you want to figure out how he got his luck better.

some of the characters


my opinion of this story is it is a really funny story and will make you laugh out loud.

it is also a amazing book because somethings happen that you dont think will happen and it makes you laugh really hard.


this book connects to me in the way that greg does alot of things he should not do and he gets in trouble and i do alot of things i should not do and i get in troble to.

this book is like the book dork diarys in the way that the mane characters get into lots of trouble and do some really funny thing.


i recomend this to everyone because it is really funny and everyone likes to read funny storys. this book will make you laugh out loud and fall out of your seat. overall it is a amazing book and is a good read. i hope you get a chance to read this book