Are You Alone?

On a day to day basis, it is said that there is an estimated 5 to 15 million kids home alone

If you abuse your child, then the state will take them away. Abused children generally grow up to be abusive as well, and have the possibility of becoming under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Children have the right to be raised by people who care for them, and if their biological parents are abusive, the state has the right to take their children away from them.

Do What's Right For Your Children

There are several other options to sending your child home alone.

-If you are a working parent with late or early hours, sign your child up for a before or after school program.

-There is also the choice of getting a nanny or a baby-sitter.

-Another option is to send your children to a relative's, neighbor's, or a friend's house.

But these things should not have to be considered! Children have the right to be raised by their parents. The only time when it is acceptable for children to be taken away from their parents is if it is harmful to them.

Children who are raised by people other than their parents often have psychological issues. They are also known to become involved with drugs and/or alcohol. These are also side-effects of children who raise themselves.

Children who are raised by nannies or baby-sitters often have attachment and trust issues. The children become attached to their nannies and do not trust their parents due to their lack of presence in their lives.

Raise your children yourselves. It saves you a lot of trouble.