Motivate someone to want to start exercising

Chad Guderian, Clayton Hemphill, Chiamaka Ukoha
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Best ways to start exercise program.

  • Making personal decisions to start and making it a priority
  • surrounding yourself with encouraging people
  • do something that interests you, whatever it may be to get in shape
  • no right or wrong way to stay active
  • make it goal oriented that is realistic to your starting point

Ways to make small changes.

  • start off slowly
  • staying positive and keep going
  • commit to your routines
  • drink water instead of coffee or soda
  • try to eat one vegetable or fruit every day
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Basics of fitness.

  • Make time for regular physical activity
  • Exercise just a little bit each day
  • exercise doesn't have to be intense
  • regular exercise can make you healthier and happier

How to prevent injuries.

  • check with your doctor to see if you could reasonably start regular exercise.
  • gradually increase intensity, go slowly
  • always warm up
  • never work out on an empty stomach or without proper hydration
  • take time to recover
  • dress properly

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