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December 8, 2014

Snow Day Activities

To be sure you are ready for any upcoming snow days, schedule a session as a team to pull snow day activities into your courses. Click HERE to schedule your support session. Activities are available in the 'Sharon Staff Information' group. Click HERE for directions on how to get these activities into your courses.

itsLearning Discussion Boards

Discussion boards are a great way to share information and have your students post answers and interact with one another. You can upload images, videos, and embed online tools such as Padlet and Wixie, and let your students' imaginations soar. (Be sure to click on the links for resources on how to add a discussion board to your itsLearning course and ways you can use one to engage your students in interactive learning).

Discussion Board Ideas


Citrix is an online tool we have access to in order to access our H Drives from home (as well as our teacher and student share drives). Citrix only allows you to download files, so you cannot upload any files you change. A workaround is to download the file, edit it, then save it to a flash drive. Then you can put the updated copy of whatever you are working on back in your H drive. Here are some Citrix Instructions to help you get going!
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Hope you learned something new!

If you have an app or digital tool you'd like to see highlighted in an edition of Techie Tips, I'd be happy to check it out!

Susan Brandon

Sharon Elementary

Instructional Technology Specialist