Falleson Law Firm

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In this brochure I will help you understand the different aspects of my law firm. I will explain each one so you have a better understanding of how it will work.

The Plantiff

That would be you! The person who is presenting the case against someone else to the courts.

The Defendant

The person that you think did you wrong.


In simple terms this is the evidence that you have to support the reason as to why you are going to court with this issue.

The Summons

Is a notice for the person you thought did the wrong. This notice tells them that you want to sue them and that they will need to come to court.


Is the cause of action or defense.

Pretrial Conference

A meeting with the judge before the trial.This is were the number of witnesses is determined and the evidence that is to be presented is decided on.


A way of solving the disputes between two or more parties.


The use of an arbitrator to settle the dispute.


Is the examining of evidence in front of a judge to settle a dispute.

Preponderance of Evidence

Having a greater amount of evidence than the other party


The decision that is made about the case


Is replying to a higher court based on the decision that was made in the lower court, this happens when one is unhappy with the verdict
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