Scotty J Strang3


ME and my family.

I am a very nice person with a very friendly attitude; unless approached otherwise, I am respectful. I like to take long walks and listen to music, no matter the genre. I write songs, poetry, and short stories(romantic and gothic); although, my carrer of choice will be specializing in phsycology and/or sociology, then open my own office and write while manging my business. My family is about an avg size, one mom and step mom, one dad, four sisters, and one brother. We are all very talented, my mom owns a daycare, my dad attended the millatary and grauated as a surgical technician, my little brother is a star Jr. athelete, my oldest sister is fluent in spanish, my 2nd older sister is amazing at all math, my younger sister is great at reading and writting, and my youngest sister is a cheerleader.

Future me!

I want to finish high school and go to job corp after to abtain a trade in computer technology; only to work my way through college. I would like to attend the University of Kansas to major in phsychology, graduate and work for a company; to later open my own office and write; romance novels, horror novels, poems, speeches, short stories, and hopefully my own play and/or movie.