NGHE Yummy Cooking Announcements

For 1:30 Yummy Cooking Class

Regarding Monday, December 14, 2015

Dear NGHE Yummy Cooking Parents,

Please note that for tomorrow, Monday, December 14, we will be preparing to host the Fall 2015 Semester Showcase for all performing arts classes (such as music, drama, chorus and dance). For safety reasons during this set-up, we ask that all Yummy Cooking students remain in the kitchen while our helpers break down tables and set-up chairs for the audience.

Also, tomorrow will be instructor Wendy Hood's last day at NGHE. Although we are sad to see Wendy go, we are excited for her as she moves on to new shared adventures with her husband, Dennis. Everyone at NGHE appreciates Wendy's passion as she empowered our students in the kitchen and we wish her many blessings!

See you all tomorrow for the last day of the Fall 2015 Semester at NGHE! Click here for a complete list of class dates for the upcoming Spring 2016 Semester.


Alex Perez
NGHE Program Development Director
p. 404-985-7686

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