ASES Campus - Monday, May 6, 2013


Bring the whole family and join us Monday, May 6th for a LOVELY evening on the All Saints Episcopal School campus.

  • Classrooms will be open from 5:30-7:00 PM.
  • Dinner will be available for purchase in the Dining Facility - $6.00 will get you a BBQ sandwich, chips and a drink, from Tony's BBQ.
  • Kaleid-O-Scoops will also be on campus selling ice cream: one scoop = $4.00; two scoops = $7.00.


Visit the Art Show from 5:30-7:00PM. Thanks to your student's talent, Mrs. Coleman's expert guidance, and the physical labor and commitment of our Art Show volunteers, this year's Art Show will prove to be BRILLIANT! This will be Celia Coleman's FINAL Art Show as she just announced to the faculty this morning she will retire in May after forty-one years of service to All Saints Episcopal School. Come help us celebrate your children's artistic efforts as well as the phenomenal career of our beloved Mrs. Coleman!

Artwork will be on display in various places around the campus....

  • Kindergarten through 2nd Grade art will be in the Art Lab
  • 3rd through 5th Grade art will be in the Gathering Area
  • Middle School art will be on the sidewalk around the Library

Please wait to take your child's pieces until the conclusion of the evening so everyone has a chance to admire your budding artist's work!


ART SHOW & OPEN HOUSE - May 6, 2013

  • Classroom visits - 5:30-7:00PM
  • Dinner available for purchase - BBQ Sandwich Meal for $6; 5:30-7:00PM
  • Kaleid-O-Scoops - Ice cream available for purchase $4/scoop; $7/double
  • Art Show - 5:30-7:00PM in three locations around campus