Eddie Vedder

Lead singer of Pearl Jam "The biggest band of the 90's"

Pearl Jam's Success

Pearl Jam a band that was a project by former members of Mother Love bone that reached

Top five charting success with there first album "10" (It peaked at #2 on rock album charts). Out of the Grunge bands from the 90's they are one of the only to remain successful through their whole careers, And since there start in 1990 they are still going strong today.

There influences and There Influence

Pearl jam was influenced by Punk rock acts like The Ramones, Iggy pop and the Stooges, and The Clash. Also some metal and pop had influence on their sound but Their Influences consisted mostly of 70's punk rock. Pearl Jam being a Grunge band like Nirvana Has influence on Post Grunge, Hard Rock, and DIY (Do it yourself) artists.

Founders of the band

About the band

Pearl Jam started in Seattle, Washington in the year 1990 with Former Mother love bone members Jeff Ament, and Stone Gossard, Soon later they recruited Eddie Vedder, Drummer Dave Abbruzzese and Lead guitarist Mike McCready. They original Started off as "Mookie Blaylock" in honor of the basketball player and named there first album "Ten" after his jersey number but later changed the Band name due to singing with Epic records.

How Eddie met The guys

In 1990 Eddie Vedder was without a band working at local gas stations where he came across former Red Hot Chili Peppers Drummer Jack Irons. Jack Introduced him to Stone and Jeff who were trying to start a band. Stone soon heard Some of Eddie's Demo tapes and invited him in to sing