Eagle's Eye View

Parent Edition, 1 May 2016

From the Principal's Desk / Desde el escritorio del director

Dear Zarrow Family,

It is with much happiness, and a little bit of sadness, that I write this letter to all of you. The end of the year has arrived and came very quickly. I have enjoyed this path since July 13th, my first day as your new principal. To start, I would like to thank all of you and I want you to know that you occupy a very sincere part of my heart.

Upon reflecting over the 2015-2016 year, I stop and think about a lot of fun moments. I remember very well walking through the school with my purple hair, dressing up as a Zarrow superhero, the fun assemblies, Tissues and Tea, the exchanges, the Kindergarten tours, the multicultural fair, the professional developments for the teachers, the mariachi band in the parking lot, the music concerts, the art, the competitions, dancing with the teachers, the book fair, the student dances, Zumba, being taped to the wall, Mr. Henry's birthday, ¡Viva Zarrow!, the talent show, and of course the traffic that we all "love" so much ;-).

Also, I remember all of the work our Eagles have done. Our students are some of the best students in the world, and they are so incredible because they have such wonderful parents like you. I thank you all so much from the deepest part of my heart. And I cannot forget about the exemplary teachers that we have here in Zarrow! The teachers and their assistants, and all of the faculty, have dedicated their lives to the learning and the wellbeing of your child. I was very sad to leave my teachers in OKCPS, but there are not enough words to express my love that I have for this family at Zarrow. Also, what can I say about our PTA and our Foundation? The teachers have everything that they want and need because of the PTA, plus food and sweets; the Foundation provides scholarships for the exchanges and ensures that we have an assistant in every classroom for our students. This quantity of sincere support does not exist like this in every part of the world, and for this reason I sometimes find myself in shock to experience so much of it here. You all have surprised me so much and I will forever be in debt for your kindness.

At the close of this year, it has been such a pleasure to serve as your school leader. I love to arrive at Zarrow every day and see the great things that are happening in our halls. The legend that Mr. Henry left behind inspires me so much and I try to carry his spirit in all that we do every day in our school. Zarrow, thank you for an unforgettable year, and thank you for being incredible just as you are. Although the end is near, keep on reading a lot and keep on studying. Soon we will be together again to take off for another fantastic year together.

And remember we aren't turkeys... WE ARE EAGLES!



Sr. Kellito

Estimada familia de Zarrow,

Con mucha alegría y una poquita de tristeza, les escribo esta carta a todos ustedes. El fin de este año escolar ya casi ha llegado…y llegó muy pronto. He disfrutado mucho esta trayectoria desde el 13 de julio, mi primer día como su director nuevo. Para comenzar, quisiera agradecerles por todo y quiero que sepan que ocupan una parte sincera de mi corazón.

Al reflexionar sobre el año 2015-2016 me pongo a pensar en muchos momentos bien divertidos. Recuerdo muy bien andando por la escuela con el pelo morado, vistiéndome como un súper héroe de Zarrow, las asambleas divertidas, Tissues and Tea, los intercambios, las giras de Kínder, la feria multicultural, los entrenamientos/adiestramientos para los maestros, el mariachi en el estacionamiento, los conciertos de música, el arte, las competencias, bailando con los maestros, la feria de libros, los bailes de los niños, Zumba, estando pegado en la pared, el cumpleaños de Señor Henry, ¡Viva Zarrow!, el show de talento, y hasta el tráfico que “amamos” todos nosotros ;-).

Asimismo, me acuerdo de todo el esfuerzo que echaron nuestras águilas. Nuestros estudiantes son unos de los alumnos más increíbles del mundo. Y ellos son tan increíbles porque tienen padres tan maravillosos como ustedes. Les agradezco desde la parte más profunda de mi corazón. ¡Y no podemos olvidarnos de los maestros ejemplares que tenemos aquí en Zarrow! Los maestros y sus asistentes, y toda la facultad dedicaron sus vidas al aprendizaje y bienestar de su niño(a). Yo estaba muy triste al dejar mis maestros de OKCPS, pero no hay palabras suficientes para expresar el amor que tengo para esta familia de Zarrow. También, ¿qué puedo decir sobre nuestro PTA y nuestra Fundación? Los maestros tienen TODO de lo que quieren y necesitan por el PTA, más comida y dulces; y la Fundación provee las becas para los intercambios y asegura de que tengamos un asistente en cada salón de nuestros estudiantes. Esta cantidad de apoyo sincero no existe así en ningún rinconcito del mundo y es por eso me quedo en shock a veces. Me han sorprendido mucho y para siempre estaré en deuda con ustedes por su amabilidad.

Al cerrar este año, es con mucho gusto sirvo como su líder escolar. Me encanta llegar a Zarrow todos los días y ver las cosas buenas que pasan por nuestros pasillos. Me inspira el legado que nos dejó el Señor Henry y trato de llevar su espíritu en todo lo que hacemos nosotros todos los días. Zarrow, gracias por un año inolvidable y gracias por ser increíble cómo son. Aunque llega el final, que sigan leyendo mucho y que sigan estudiando. Ya pronto estaremos juntos otra vez listos para despegar de nuevo para otro año fantástico.

Y recuerden que no somos pavos… ¡SOMOS ÁGUILAS!



Sr. Kellito

Vision Statement

One Child, Two Languages- Unlimited Possibilities

Un Niño, dos Lenguas- Posibilidades Ilimitadas

Mission Statement

We will provide and assist each student with a well-rounded and differentiated education that is centered around the immersion of the Spanish language and cultures to prepare them for a more global society.

Proveeremos y ayudaremos a cada estudiante con una educación diferenciada y completa que se centralice en la inmersión del lenguaje Español y sus culturas para prepararlos para una sociedad más global.

PTA News

A Final Note from the President

What a year! You have helped ensure that the Zarrow PTA continues to meet its purpose of “making every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families to advocate for all children”. You helped the educational success of our children through volunteering, encouraging, fundraising, and being engaged. With your amazingly successful fundraising in the fall, our kids saw their principal dye his hair purple – giving them memories they still talk about eight months later! Our children were reminded to live drug-free lives and showed their grandparents their incredible school (some students even emulated their teachers!). You helped encourage a love of reading with attendance at the fall and spring book fairs; by exceeding our projected budget in this line item you continue to provide exceptional resources for our library and classrooms. We provided staff the resources to attend training opportunities which will enhance the way our children are taught and learn. You cut loose back to the ‘80s with an incredibly successful Viva Zarrow. Thank you to each of you for being members of our PTA, for attending the general meetings (with or without food!) and your overall participation this year. Thank you to the members of this year’s board – each board chair and committee chair. Your time, effort and energy made my job so much easier. Thank you Amy B. and Jennifer H. for letting me “bother you again”. Thank you to the teachers and staff for excelling in what you do every day, providing the best educational opportunities for our children. You are the best! Thank you Sr. Kellito for your leadership, excitement, passion, partnership and being so supportive of all things PTA. We are all blessed with your presence! My biggest thanks is to Paul, Zachary and Madysen. Your patience, reworking schedules, listening ear, and missing out on time with me while I was PTAing is truly appreciated. My Mondays and evenings are yours again. I love you.

On July 1, I’ll pass the torch to Maegen Nair and her team. Continue to support your PTA, advocate for your children, and be involved. We are able to give back so much to our teachers and staff because of you. Have a wonderful summer!

Log Your Volunteer Hours

We’re making it easier for you to log your volunteer hours. In addition to the white binder in the front office where you can write in your hours, there’s now a convenient online option. Visit the school website zarrow.tulsaschools.org, look under the main PTA tab and click on Volunteer Hours. Once the page opens select the email link, add up your hours and hit send. You’re putting in the time and effort, so make your hours count!

Volunteers Needed

PTA is looking for people for fill Board and Committee Chairs. If you are interested please contact Maegen Nair. maegennair@cox.net

Board Positions - Must attend monthly board meetings and general pta meetings.
Council Delegate
Ways & Means - Spring

Committee Chair Positions
PTA Meeting Childcare

Thank you!

Foundation Focus

- We have 3 board positions that roll off this year, so we are accepting nominations for all of those replacements.

-Foundation Wine & Whiskey Event Sunday, June 26th 5:30pm-8:30pm(ish) VIP from 5:30-6:30. We will have a gorgeous selection of wine and whiskey to taste, incredible food, hand rolled cigars, fantastic live music, & some beautiful art, items, & events available for purchase. $65 per person & $100 per person for VIP.

-Thank you to all who participated & donated of their time, talent, &/or Treasures this year. It was a special year!

-Thank you to Paul Catalano, Sarah Walker, & Tamika Crissup for their 3 years of service on Foundation Board. & to Jeff Tracy for serving as this year's President.


Counselor's Corner

Appreciation of Cultures is the character focus this month. As an immersion school it is important we learn to appreciate other cultures with respect and courtesy. In appreciating a certain culture we take time to learn about it, interact with people among the culture, and actually understand the culture. It includes learning about their beliefs, customs, arts, food, dance, dress, and holidays.

At Zarrow we are truly blessed that children and faculty bring diverse cultures to our school. Some of the countries represented include Spain, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Columbia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, China, and Japan.

In appreciating cultures we look beyond prejudice or narrow-mindedness to envision a world of respect, understanding, and oneness of purpose. Our oneness in thought, purpose, and understanding builds an environment of lasting peace. Our vision of oneness and harmony contributes to a consciousness of peace.

I believe people of diverse cultures and belief systems around the world all desire peace. Together we tap in to the power of love to bless one another and every being in the world.

I am grateful to be a part of all the good things at Zarrow!


Upcoming events

5/17: Day of the Child/Field Day and LAST DAY OF SCHOOL

¡Feliz Cumpleaños!


5-8 Shana Ramirez

5-11 Santiago Benitez Buitrago

5-15 Amy Lagers

5–31 Pam Carmons


6- 5 Zoila Hawthorn

6-10 Kelly Forbes

6 –17 Carolyn Williams


7-3 Irene Castell

7 -13 Sandra Muñoz

7-30 Soraya Marroquin Cecena

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."

- Nelson Mandela