Woodlawn Early Years School

June Newsletter

Principal's Message

This has been an interesting school year to say the least. When classes were cancelled back in March none of us knew what to expect. It has been challenging and hard for everyone as we learned a new way of teaching and learning from home. To our parents, I want to thank you for your support and encouragement over these past few months. You had an incredibly difficult task. Many of you were helping your children while working from home or while taking care of younger children. We know this has been a challenge for you and we are so thankful for all of your help with distance learning. Thank you!

I need to take a moment to recognize our teaching staff. From the very first day they have exceeded any expectations that I may have had. They have worked so hard at distance learning and have learned many new things along the way. Their hard work and determination to stay connected with their students reflects how dedicated they are to their students and their profession. I am so grateful to work alongside these amazing people everyday.

Now that the province is starting to open things up, students will be invited to come to school once a week for a couple of hours during the month of June. During this time their teachers will work on meaningful assessment and reconnect with their students. We have missed them terribly and we are so excited to have them back!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in June.

Karen Fraser

Vice Principal's Message

As I'm writing this, I am finding myself thinking about how different the last couple of months have been for everyone. While I wish we could just snap our fingers and be back to normal, I am also reflecting how everyone has stretched themselves and grown in so many ways. Our staff took on the challenge to provide learning from home in ways that I couldn't have imagined. Oh and families! You have been amazing and have shown such strength. You have taken on a huge role in your child's learning while still juggling the challenges and tasks of running your home. We can't thank you enough for your support, your patience, and for working with our teachers. And students... I miss each and every one of you. I am excited to get to see you soon in the upcoming weeks!

Grade 4 Virtual Talent Show

Mrs. Katie Schroeder is organzing a Grade 4 Virtual Talent Show. Please send a video of yourself displaying your talent, whether it be singing, dancing, sports demo, playing instruments, artwork or whatever your talent is. Your video will need to be approximately 1 minute or less. Please email your video to ksmithschroder@hsd.ca by Wednesday, June 10th.


For 9 years, Woodlawn students and their families have been involved in harvesting root vegetables for Southeast Helping Hands. We started with a Woodlawn Community Garden, and have since transitioned to inviting our families to donate from their own gardens, or to purchase and donate vegetables in the autumn. These vegetables have benefited families in need, from our local community.

We are inviting Woodlawn students and their families, to participate in our third annual: Grow a Row for Those in Need gardening campaign. We are looking for root vegetables like:

potatoes, carrots, onions, turnips, beets and squash.

Participating families are asked to send an email confirmation to Miss Kristen Reimer (krreimer@hsd.ca) pledging their donation of one or more rows of root vegetables for our

project. In the case of crop failure, you are under no obligation to provide produce, unless you so desire.

If you don’t plan on having a garden, but would still like to donate some root vegetables, your contribution is greatly appreciated. Please stay tuned in the autumn for more details.

Your child will be sent home with a reusable bag for our collection week in the autumn. Stay tuned for details in our September newsletter.

If you are interested in donating vegetables, please send a confirmation email to krreimer@hsd.ca by Friday, May 22.

Thank you for your willingness to participate! We are excited to continue Woodlawn’s legacy of giving back to our local community and teaching children how to be generous, thoughtful, and caring citizens.


Report cards will be available on June 26 at 3:45. We will not be printing report cards. They can be viewed on the Parent Portal. Parents have the option to download the report card and save it or print it at home if they wish.


If your child will not be attending Woodlawn for the 2020-2021 school year please contact Mrs. Melissa Thiessen at the school office at 204-326-6110 or by email to woodlawn@hsd.ca as soon as possible.

Woodlawn Teachers 2020-2021

Candace Georgijevic - Kindergarten

Angela Martin -Kindergarten

Kara Grant - Kindergarten

Chris Schroeder - Grade 1

Jennifer Cuppage - Grade 1

Amanda Cipriano - Grade 1

Kaitlin Flinta - Grade 1

Heather Penner - Grade 1

Sandra Froese - Grade 2

Marlene Funk - Grade 2

Pat Reimer - Grade 2

Leah Read - Grade 2

Courtney Gangloff - Grade 2

Kristen Falk - Grade 2

Kristen Reimer - Grade 3

Cathy Toews - Grade 3

Shawn Kehoe - Grade 3

Andrea Dick - Grade 3/4

Michael Bourget- Grade 3/4

Lisa Martens - Grade 3/4

Jordyn Shaw - Grade 3/4

Jerilyn Koslowsky- Grade 4

Wendy Buhler - Grade 4

Simmy Gandhi - Grade 4

Monica Martens- Instructional Coach

Katherine Peters - Literacy Support

April Harder - Literacy Support (.5)

Sandy Caners - Guidance Counselor

Rebecca Mackie - Guidance (.5) Learning Support (.5)

Glenda Maendel -Learning Support

Amanda Bilevicius - Learning Support

Paula Kirkland - Music 2-4

Jesse Adams - Phys.Ed 2-4

Aimee Kroeker- P.E./Music K-1


Dear Parents,

We are very happy to announce that we have moved entirely to School Supply Fees for the 2020-2021 school year. We tried this out with our Kindergarten group last year and it went very well. All fees can be paid on parent portal.

You will pay a $30 School Supply Fee that will cover all of your child's school supplies for the year.

Grades 1, 3, 3/4, and 4 are also using agendas this year which is a $5 fee.

As parents you will need to supply the following:

  • 1 pair of labeled indoor running shoes
  • 1 labeled plastic water bottle
  • 1 extra change of clothes (for accidents or if they fall outside in the mud/water)
  • 1 labeled backpack
  • 1 box of Kleenex

Some specific classes may ask for headphones and a pencil box that would be returned at the end of the year.


All student library books are due on Friday, June 14.

Have a great summer!

Mrs. Sandy Loewen

Hanover School Division Note:

Reminder to families who are moving/changing locations during the summer months to please contact the Transportation office at 204-320-2347.

The transportation office is open all summer long.

Lost and Found

The lost and found is currently not accessible, but we will hold onto the items until we are able to put these out for you to come and look.