It is Finished

The Messiah Has Come. 40 AD

In the Beginning

There have been many prophecies about our Lord and Savior coming to save all of humankind. Believers have waiting many, many years for God to send someone to redeem the world from sin. Thankfully, the wait is now over.

Jesus of Nazareth was born during the reign of the emperor Augustus. It has been found that Jesus was born of a virgin birth, as prophesied. Although His mother, Mary, was engaged to Joseph, it was the Holy Spirit that created a child within the virgin. Jesus was born on a cold Winter's night on the outskirts of a little town called Bethlehem. Mary and Joseph could not find a place to stay while traveling because the inns were full, so Jesus was born in stable. The Son of the Most High was wrapped in swaddling clothes and was put in a manger.

His Upcoming

As Jesus grew, He became strong in spirit, was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was upon Him. Following in His earthly father's footsteps, Jesus became a carpenter. As Jesus continued to mature, He was baptized in the Jordan River by His cousin, John the Baptist. It was at this moment when Jesus began His healing ministry to introduce sinners to His Heavenly Father.

Jesus performed many miracles during His time here on Earth. Here is a list of just a few miracles performed:

  • Changing Water Into Wine
  • Healing of the Capernaum Demoniac
  • Catching a Large Number of Fish with Peter
  • Healing a Leper
  • Raising a Widow's Dead Son
  • Raising Lazarus

To Golgotha

Although many believed and followed Jesus as the Messiah, others thought He was a false prophet. Even though Jesus performed numerous miracles, people continued to believe that Jesus wasn't who He said He was. People were jealous of Him, so they did anything and everything possible to get Him in trouble. It was and still is the law that any blasphemous actions would/will result in death via crucifixion. Since the Pharisees believed that Jesus was acting and speaking sacrilegiously against God because He claimed to be the Messiah, they sentenced Him to a crucial death.

Jesus died on the cross on Golgotha after being tortured and suffocated to death. It was very interesting because at the moment Jesus died, a large cloud came across the town and put the town in total darkness. Jesus' body was placed inside of a tomb with a large rock rolled in front.

He Has Risen

Three days after Jesus' body was laid in the tomb, Mary Magdalene found that the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty. She ran to Simon Peter, one of Jesus' disciples, to inform him that someone stole Jesus' body. After they ran back to the tomb to check it out, Mary Magdalene sat outside crying. Later, a man came up to her asking why she was crying. She replied, "They have taken my Lord away and I do not know where they have put them." The man simply said "Mary" and Mary rose up and exclaimed "Rabboni" (teacher). Jesus had risen and told Mary to tell the other disciples.

Jesus has now descended up to His and our Heavenly Father. He is now sitting on the right hand of the throne and is still there to comfort and direct our lives. Although we miss Jesus greatly, He has promised to come back one day with God the Father. He has promised to take all who believe in Him to Heaven to spend the rest of eternity with our Lord and Savior. Although this day is unknown, we know that this day will come because Jesus has and will always keep His promises.