"Just Walk on By"

By Brent Staples

Framing the Text

Each of the following sections contains sentences from the text. Your job is to respond to these statements with the images and ideas you develop as you read the words.

Black Men and Public Space

Make a copy of and read "Just Walk on By: Black Men and Public Space." Using the Comment tool, annotate the "most powerful" statements! Be prepared to discuss speaker, audience, and purpose, as well as the appeals.

After you have read and annotated the text, answer the questions that follow.

Writing About Argument: The Graff Template

The Graff template is used to help you cover the basics of argument analysis as well as provide you with ideas on how to respond appropriately. The template structure will assist you in writing a paragraph about the assigned reading. Be as thorough and concise as you can be, but be sure to consider all of the components of discussion. Make a copy of the Graff Template and begin.

Similar to a CCF rhetorical precis, you must follow the exact format provided for you.

Submit your completed Graff Template for "Just Walk on By" by 8:00am tomorrow (link below).