Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

By:Maria Hernandez

What Is FAS

Is part of a group of conditions called fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). These are a range of disabilities a child may be born with. They happen when his or her mother has been drinking alcohol while pregnant.


People with FAS may have problems with their vision, hearing, memory, attention span, and abilities to learn and communicate. While the defects vary from one person to another, the damage is often permanent.
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1.FAS last a lifetime. There is no cure for FASDs,

2. Fetal death is the most extreme outcome from drinking alcohol during pregnancy

3.Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance by female adolescents, with 39.2% of girls aged 12 to 17 reporting alcohol use.

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Symptoms of Fetal Alcohol

Symptoms of Fetal Alcohol-a small head, a smooth ridge between the upper lip and nose, small and wide-set eyes, a very thin upper lip, or other abnormal facial features below average height and weight hyperactivity lack of focus poor coordination delayed development and problems in thinking, speech, movement, and social skills poor judgment problems seeing or hearing learning disabilities intellectual disability heart problems kidney defects and abnormalities deformed limbs or fingers mood swings
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FAS is incurable but there are some treatments for some some symptoms


-antidepressants to treat problems with sadness and negativity

-stimulants to treat lack of focus, hyperactivity, and other behavioral problems

-neuroleptics to treat anxiety and aggression

-antianxiety drugs to treat anxiety


You can avoid fetal alcohol syndrome by not drinking alcohol during pregnancy. If you’re a woman with a drinking problem who wants to get pregnant, seek help from a doctor. If you’re a light or social drinker, don’t drink if you think you might become pregnant anytime soon. Remember, the effects of alcohol can make a mark during the first few weeks of a pregnancy.
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