OTE Star Staff News

February 25- March 8

Next Week...

Monday, Feb 25

Mya’s Coaching Day

Empty Bowls Projects 3:15 Rm. 406

Tuesday, Feb 26

Minor’s Coaching Day

STAAR Ready Math 3rd & 4th

4th Alamo Chaperone Meeting 5:00pm

Wednesday, Feb 27

Mya's Coaching Day

STAAR Ready Reading 3rd & 4th

Art Club field trip to Blanton Museum 10:00am

Faculty Mtg 3:10pm

Thursday, Feb 28

ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

STAAR Ready Science 5th

Principals Coffee 8:00am

1st grade ½ day Collaborative Planning

PTA Executive Board Mtg 6:00pm

Friday, March 1

CAT Mtg. 8:50am

5th grade Choice Sheets due to Mrs. Schaack

SST’s 3rd – 5th (Data Checkpoint-Math)

Happy Birthday Coleman Jennings!

Saturday, March 2

OTE Campus Beautification Day 9:00am-12:00pm

Explore UT 11:00am-5:00pm

Sunday, March 3

Happy Birthday Rachel DeLaPena!

Out & About...

Enrichment Tips of the Week...

A great way to extend the children's math time when they get done with work and have them practice facts is to have them play "War!" Click below for game rules:


http://byrdseed.com/differentiator/ Is a great resource for differentiated lesson ideas. It is linked with Bloom's and can help you come up with some great menus!

Teachers, if you are looking for a more creative way to let students display their understanding, check out the following link: http://www.adifferentplace.org/intelligences.htm There you will find product modifications grouped by multiple intelligences. What a great way to let students display their knowledge, while leaning on their own strengths!

Tech Tools...

Check Out...


I especially like the interactive venn diagram, hamburger (for story planning), Brainy Box (where they write things on each side of the "box"), timeline, jigsaw diagram.

None of them require a log on (unless you pay for the premium plan). You could save them as a webpage (to link to it later) or print as a webpage (you'll get the ads on the page).

Thanks Leslie!

“In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. ” ― Bill Cosby

Star Gazing...

Congratulations to Sunny Bonnecarrere, star ELA TAG teacher ...our STAR Teacher of the Week! We appreciate all you do for your students and our learning community! You are entitled to a five-day jeans pass and an opportunity to park in the space designated all next week! Thank you for all you do for our Star Texan community, Sunny!

Thank you so much for all of the work and planning you have put into making the second semester of teaching and learning even better than the first!

Many of you are holding tutorials before and after school during the week. Thank each of you so much for your dedication, service and commitment to helping each of our students achieve academic success! You truly embody the district's motto of "Every student will learn...whatever it takes!" You are amazing!!!

There's no doubt the work that we do is hard at times, but your relentless efforts and positive attitudes continue to make Old Town shine!

Remember to appreciate someone today!

Hope you take time to do something stress free this weekend!

Professional Library: Resource of the Week!

The Week After...

Monday, March 4

Mya’s Coaching Day

Fire Drill 8:50am

ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

4th grade/ Andrew Chung, Meteorologist 1:00pm

Texas Public School Week!

Tuesday, March 5

Minor’s Coaching Day

Kg Round-Up 9:00-2:00 & 5:00-6:30

Wednesday, March 6

Mya Off Campus Today

Early Release

Popcorn Day

Jump Rope & Hoops for Heart

PTA Staff Lunch 12:30

Happy Birthday Bonnie Ybarra!

Thursday, March 7

ARD Mtg. (see separate schedule)

Jump Rope & Hoops for Heart

SAC Mtg 4:30pm

PTA Mtg & Family Fit Night 6:00pm

Friday, March 8

CAT mtg. 8:50am

3rd quarter ends

SST’s Kg-2nd (Data Checkpoint-Math)

Old Town Elementary

Old Town will be a positive place that challenges all students to achieve success through learning opportunities that promote critical, creative, and global thinking within a climate of mutual respect and high expectations.