Bring Our People Home !

North Koreans Still Kidnap Our People !

Stop the North from intruding our borders and taking our people away !

Since the Korean War, North Korea has been kidnapping people who they feel are good workers or have suspect backgrounds. Since then they've taken 4,000 of us and Japanese citizens ! Most are allowed to visit us back home but 512 are still stuck up in the North !

Above: Our Country Changes the Law As Far As Responses To Kidnappings

Let Peace Ring !

Don't let this go unpunished ! Let us help Choi Sung-yong in mission to bring our people home and bring closure and peace of mind to those families who have been and affected by the North ! The North doesn't have any right to illegally cross our borders and take any of our people for WHATEVER reason so let's show them that we will NOT have any of it ! LET'S BRING THEM HOME !!