LC News

The Book Fair Is COMING!!

Our Monster Themed Book Fair is coming soon. The Book Fair will take place October 22-30. I will try to show the book fair video during your checkout time before it starts. Here is the link if you want to show it in your class. The top one is for K-2 and the bottom is 3-5. Because our year is just crazy, I will not be having the kids come down here for a lesson to talk about promotions, etc. I will probably make some sort of display/presentation for the kids to view. I would like to buddy previews with the classes that want to - no pressure!!

Summer Readers

I received the information about summer readers this week. We had 186 students participate in a summer reading program. This is an increase from last year. YAY Fairmount!

We also had 3 students who completed the Super Reader Program. They read for 100 hours this summer - what an accomplishment!! They were:

Sarah Layton/Jorn

Jordan Sonderman/Jorn

Phillip Key/Trask