The Origins Of Judaism

by Rayna Coffelt

Abraham: The Father Of The Jews

Abram: The father of the Jews. He was born in 2000 BCE. He believed in one God: Monotheism, He had a dream and in that dream God visited him and said "leave your own country and your fathers house." God promised to make Abram the father of a great nastion of people. in 1940 BCE: he gathered his clan and went west to Canaan. There he got a new name: Abraham, which means the father of many. they were covenant which means that the jews would set an example by their actions.

The Great Sacrifice

When Sarah was 90 and Abraham was 100 they had a son named Issac. Abraham introduced the belief in a single God. because of his covenant with god, jews believed that they should set an example of how to live. Their reward was the promised land. these beliefs became a central part of judaism. The pharaoh forced them into slavery, Moses was the leader of the Israelites asked the pharaoh but the pharaoh said no. In 1300 BCE Abrahams descendants living in israel descendants in Egypt. Abraham was supposed to sacrifice his son but ended up sacrificing a lamb.

The 10 Commandments

The Torah Says That Moses Parted The Red Sea With The Walking Stick

The Egyptian armies chased after them to the edge of the Red Sea. Soldiers drowned and Israelis escaped. During this time moses gets laws and teachings of Judasim: The 10 commandments. After leaving, Israelis travel for 40 years. Moses gets tablets on Mt. Sinai.