How to Survive

A Zombie Apocalypse

What You Should do First

First you should get you bearings find out where you are so then you know where to go. Second find some form of transportation, and no, not your old bike you got from uncle Charlie. Next find a place to hide and scavenge for awhile. And last have a goal set to go to a specific place of your choosing to live there for ever.

Where You Should Go

In my opinion I would go to Washington D.C. for weapons and protection or go to a really remote place with no one in sight so I can live in peace. Here's a tip never go to a mall or any well populated area, what so ever ,because there is going to be a lot of zombies there that you don't want to deal with. Any ways where you want to go really depends on your location in the world and your own preference of where you want to go.

What to Wear

In my opinion I would wear strong and tight clothing with a strong holding backpack. I think if you were to have loose clothing its just more opportunity for you to get caught on something. The clothing you choose to wear really just depends on were you are in the world, weather it be in a cold or warm environment. But you need to choose your clothing wisely because it could be the difference between life or death.