Digital assistant for DOCTORS

No Installations

No installation of software required, it is totally online on registration

Manage Existing Patients Data

it is use full for refresh the existing patients reports, past history, medicine prescribed, Treatment given, etc..., which will help to doctor to tract long time patients health condition

Online Prescription Facility

"MyDocAssist" provide the mail assistant to doctor for mailing the prescription direct to the patients Email Id. Will useful to doctor and patients to keep saved soft copy with them

Add value to your Facility

Improve the brand of your clinic/hospital/setup

Automate your Facility

Automation leads to better management. This makes life a lot easier for you, and lets you concentrate on other important things. Sit back and relax when it comes to managing your clinic, let your digital assistant handle it!

Live Demo

Get a live demo and will show you how powerful your assistant really is!