Marble cake

By Annabelle

Sensory description

The marble cake looked golden brown and also a dark cocoa chocolate from both colours mixed. The chocolate bits cut up were like velvet just warm enough to start melting onto the cake. As we cut into is you could see the different colours swirled together and how moist the cake was. As we ate the cake it was spongy and moist and a nice balence of the vanilla and chocolate.


Our marble cake did turn out really well and tasted amazing. We worked together and had lots of extra time to spare.

Some things that didn't go well was the coco a power was a little strong in the cake and we needed to add water to the mixture as well. And also when we put the batter into the tin we didn't even it out enough so when we took it out the surface was a little uneven.

We could improve by maybe not adding as much cocoa powder and that's all really.

My partner and I worked really well by making sure we had something to do at all times and we even had extra time at the end to get a start on our keynotes.

As I have been saying we managed our time really really well and cleaned up on time as well.