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July Stylist Incentives

I CANT believe it's JULY! Do you KNOW what that means!?

Vegas, Hoopla and the FALL line! The Fall launch is one of our biggest lines for the year and is sure to be a hit. Reach out, book shows and fill your July and August calendars!

Great ways to reach out include current customers Dot Dollars to redeem, a NEW collection, debut hostesses and many friends and family shopping for that perfect back to school style!

Set your goals high, work hard to achieve them and along with the money you earn, have a chance to win with a few fun incentives!! Here are your July challenges!*

  • Log into your Stylist lounge and under "Reports," click on "My Monthly Report." At the top of your report, you can set your monthly goal and type it in. What do you want to achieve with your business? Are you aiming high enough? How much do you want to earn on your little blue card? Are you coaching? What is your goal for your team? Enter your goal into your personal page as a constant reminder of your vision! Then, jot down your July goal and email it to me {} by July 7th and have a chance to win something sparkly.
  • Sell over $1,000 in retail by July 31 and be entered to win a $50 gift card to your favorite store!

*These incentives are in addition to anything that our LaCoco Team or any of your other leaders may do for the month!

July Thoughts

  • Many of you have customers who will have Dot Dollars to shop with. Reach out to them and use their rewards to help you qualify early in the month!
  • People love to be the first to debut the new line! Use this as a booking tool! Debut hostesses, free jewels and a girls night out! What's not to love!?
  • Pack your jewels! Going on vacation?? No problem. Contact a few friends near your destination and see if they will host a show or refer you! What a fun way to catch up and re-connect!
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May Winners!

  • Congrats to Ashley Bardash, Laura Decker and Trisha Collins who were our first three team members to qualify during the month of May! If you have not yet received your Stella & Dot clip board, its on its way!!
  • Congrats to Shemaiah Kincaid for selling over $1,000 in May and winning the drawing for a little something sparkly! I'll be in touch!

A Letter from Lauren

This month I will be attending Hoopla with a few of you! I can't wait!! This will be my first Hoopla and I am nervously excited!! I know I will learn so much and I am eager to see the new product and make a plan for how I can take my business to the next level. We will post pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so make sure you are following along!

Upon the release of the Fall line, there will be Fall Rallies all over. This will give you a chance to connect with other stylists, hear tricks and tips and preview the full line. Make plans to attend one near you!

Should you have ANY questions about season switchover, the fall collection or the new products, please don't hesitate to contact me or your coach. It's going to be fabulous!