How Do You Make A Bow and Arrow


  1. there are many ways to make bow and arrow.there also many types of wood and barks to make the bows and the string. for the bow there dog wood trees for the bow and young chestnut bark the inside of it there is a layer of inside skin on the inside. and you peel that off and twist that into string. and you carve the dog wood so the handle is the thickest and the parts above and below make it so it gets slimmer and slimmer an temper it a little so it will get harder. and then just bend it then put the string on the bow. and when u make the arrow your can use any type of wood as long as it is good and straight then peel the bark off of it. then you find feathers and split them in half .and take the bark strands and tie the feathers on and put pine sap on the bottom on the string and heat the pine sap first then put it on the string that is holding the feathers. then carve the tip then put it into a fire till the tips turns black that will make the tip harder so the tip won't brake off.
Bow and Arrow
How to Make a Bow and Arrow