Code Of Honor

By Alan Gratz

About this book...

These two brothers were born in America but they were Iran. Kamron was the most popular kid in school he was the star football player and was training to go into the army but his brother was accused of being a terrorist, so he has to help him clear his name. Before something happens to him.

"Your free to make your own choices, but you will never be free of the consequence's of your choice"

Man Vs. govermant

Darius always felt 100% American accepted until, he was accused of being a terrorist, His brother Kamron has to clear his name

Pg. 8

''Time slowed to a stop. It was like watching a football game on T.V. when they freeze frame the action to show you if a guys foot went out or not"


The tapes that Darious sent to talk to his brother.
3 Doors Down - When I'm Gone(Lyrics)