Kindergarten - Deerfield Elementary School

Mrs. Zickert

January 8-10, 2014

Hopefully everyone survived the brutally cold days! It is hard being cooped up indoors! The students were finally able to go outside for recess on Thursday afternoon. I don't know who was more thankful--the teachers or the students!
A reminder---we do go outdoors 2x daily, so please make sure that your child has the appropriate outdoor clothing. Also, please work on skills such as zipping and tying (if your child wears tie shoes) to build independence. The students are proud when they are able to do things on their own!

Reading & Writing

We spent our short week continuing to work on sounding out words. We added the /th/ sound and discovered that we used this sound quite a bit (as in words like both, tooth, thing, thin). Introducing the students to the variety of blends (sh, ch, th, ee, or, etc.) increases their ability to successfully sound out more complex words.

Our new popcorn words this week was "on."

Friday we worked on labeling. Our reading unit focuses on exploring the world around us. The students learned 3 vocabulary words for the unit: weather, seasons, resources. To enrich the unit, I took a picture of the students in their winter clothes and then we labeled 4 items in the picture. The students used their own spelling and sounded out the words completely on their own. Their "rough draft" is going home today with them. The "final copy" we will hang up at school. We continue to spend a portion of our weeks working on writing and the fundamentals that go into becoming a "good writer."


Math skills for the week included:
*using a number line (0-10)
*comparing numbers and using the words greater/less than
*playing the math game "Top-It"
(this game is available online--it is similar to the game that most of your know, "War")

Upcoming Unit...

Our next unit will be:
PENGUINS / SPACE (because of the cold weather days, we will be combining the 2 themes next week)

Classroom Helpers...

Calendar: Gavin

Teacher Assistant: Jonathan

Hand Sanitizer: Paige

Caboose: Kai

Equipment: Allie

Substitute: Madison

Librarian: Ashton

Star Of The Week

Gavin A.
Gavin is five years old. His favorite toys are Spiderman and an airplane. He loves going to Chuck E. Cheese and McDonalds, but his favorite food is a hot dog! Happy Star week Gavin!

What's Coming Up In Kindergarten...

January 15 Early Release @ 1:20
January 24 11:00 Dismissal
January 29 Early Release @ 1:20