The Beginnig of Time


Their were many subjects that made a difference in the Renaissance although Science made a tremendous impact. If it wasnt for the amazing Issac Newton, Johannes Gutenburg, and Leonardo Da Vinci our world would not be the same.

How Did the Renaissance Change the World

Science has impacted our world view today tremendously. Without Issac Newton's invention of a scientific method of observation and experimentation, scientist as of today would continuously be messing up. Just think how often we observe and try new things in our science curriculum. Without Johannes invention of movable type children would not be able to read books therefore it would be a massive struggle to learn how to read. Also without Leonardo's several inventions such as the hang glider airplanes may not be existent as of today. In my life I have rid an airplane several times. Without airplanes we would not be able to travel across the world for business or to see family. That is why I think Science had the biggest impact on the Renaissance instead of art, explorers, and politics.