bar neuf zéro chocolat

english translate: nine zero chocolate bar

our shop will give you the best chocolate experience in town......

bar neuf zéro chocolat = nine zero chocolate bar (in english) …. My company is named this because we look at chocolate as an art that should be enjoyed like every other food and drink. whether it’s after work, school,shopping, or on a normal relaxed day for any age to get the experience of enjoy chocolate at a bar like a cocktail.

About our shop....

I want my clients to feel like they are a bar but instead of ordering drinks , they would be ordering their favorite type of chocolate pastry. I want my customers to have the crazy experiences of the magic behind chocolate cover art. As a customer is sitting at a bar waiting for their order to be done they are sitting a bar watch the workers who are on the opposite side of the bar taking temperate out the tap, just as you would do with drinks and creating chocolate pastry art.

My workers will all be fully educated on the background of chocolate, the tempering process and the chemistry of it all. as well as the techniques of the company. So that any questions that the customers may have will be able to get answered. It will all be based on customers preference. If the customer wants to get educated they will if not they will just be there to just enjoy the entertainment provided and the company they may have brought along with them.

Back ground info

Child labor impacts the chocolate making process by who invest in the product. For example when people ( consumers and buys) see that the company of the chocolate uses 100% child labor free beans to create their product, then they get more interested in buying the product. Consumer are aware that child labor and trafficking in unfair as well as unsafe for the kid to be working in labor conditions barley making the price of one chocolate bar in a week. Which is why my company had chosen to uses pre bar chocolate form the company Godiva. 2016 is (insert company's name here) first year in business but it is Godiva's 90th adversary and we trust that they are being on top of this current issues going on with child labor and making sure the they use 100% child labor free cacoa beans.

My customer will not be tempering but they will experience the workers tempering directly in front of them. To help you. Visualizes it will be like the same experience you get when you eat at Benihana restaurant whet the cook directly in front of you but instead of food it would be with chocolate. The workers will demonstrate 3 different techniques of tempering double boiler method, seeding and cooling method. In each technique we make sure that we keep crystal 6 crystallized

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