Foreign Service Officer

Promote peace and support prosperity


· Study and encourage business, political, and economic interests abroad to benefit foreign countries and America

· Frequently research the culture, economics, and policies of other countries to write reports and must attend social embassy events

· Willing to be assigned to work in a another country and learn specific foreign languages

· Particular duties are determined by what department the officer works in: consular, economic, management, political, and public diplomacy

Apsects of the Career

· Challenging and rewarding career

· Opportunity to work and experience cultures, customs and people of different nations

· Serve at one of any of the 265 embassies in other countries.

· Some locations lack modern technology and are even in dangerous environments( war zones, disease, hardship areas…)

Ones Work Will Affect the World


· Does not require but should have a graduate or advanced degree (MS, MA, PhD, JD, MD)

· The ability to speak a foreign language will greatly help one to be chosen for the job

· Foreign language, political science, business, economics, psychology, sociology, anthropology and legal studies/pre-law are all good majors for the job

· Having sound judgment, leadership skills, being flexible and being able to work well under stress are essential character traits

· Good colleges to attend for this field are:

-American University located in Washington D.C

-George Washington University located in Washington D.C.


· Average median salary $61,690

· Varies greatly depending on level of education, specialization/ field one works in, and the environment one is working in( dangerous, lack of resources …)