Sea Turtules



Swoosh!The sea creature splits through the water like lightning!The water is frigid

cold,but the sea creature dosen't seam to care.Its jaws tear upart as it dives deeper,

and deeper.It swallows a fish, and another, and another,and another!Finally,it comes to stop.After about 5 minutes of waiting, the water around it stops bubbling up.You finally get a good look at it, and you realize it's........a sea turtle.

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Amazing Abilities

Did you know their are 7 types of sea turtles,not counting the 270 regular TURTLES in the world?I didn't,but now i'm going to tell you about these super sea creatures,that are in grave danger,because of us humans who put sea turtles in zoos for our viewing pleasure.


Over time sea turtles grow of age. The average sea turtle life is about 150 years. That is about 75 years older than the average human life!Not only that but sea turtles survive on their own,starting right when their born.Pretty cool if you ask me!

Class Call

Did you know sea turtles are endangered?If not,SURPRISE!!!Most people think they are.

Those people are right.Look at the results from the survey I did on my class.

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I just surveyed my entire class and 24% of them said "No",but 64% of them said "Yes"!"Yes"!

And the 64% that said yes have done nothing to stop do you understand how

many people know about sea turtules being endanger and do nothing to try to stop people

from hunting, killing, and even selling these helpless creatures,who didn't do anything to

deserve this!

Sea Sensation

In this article you learned some amazing things about sea turtles.This last section is going

to be about how we can save sea turtles.

Step 1.

Sea turtles are often used for food. Try to eat less sea food every day.

Step 2.

People try to catch fish with nets, and sea turtles get coaght in the rush! Help stop this by using a regular fishing rod.
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Step 3.

The last thing you can do to save sea turtles is, through your trash in a trash can, not the water.
Now that you know how much pain has been caused to these creature's, I want you to go

out, and do something about it!