Veronica Roth

Setting/Major and Minor characters

In the book Four, the setting is located in the Abnegation and Dauntless sector. Abnegation is the helping faction and Dauntless is the daredevil group in the city. The major character is Tobias and the minor characters are Eric, Tori, Amar, Beatrice, and the initiates.


Tobias is about to turn 16 and will have to go to his first choosing ceremony. There he will pick have to pick faction he wants to stay in for the rest of his life. Tobias had no idea what to pick because he didn't fit into Candor, Amity, or Erudite. He could not stay in abnegation because his father was a cruel man and punished Tobias every time he did something wrong. The most common punishment was getting whipped by a belt. On the choosing day Tobias decided he wanted to be free and brave, so when it was his turn he chose Dauntless. His father however, was not very happy with his son but Tobias didn't care because he would not have to be with his father any more. Tobias ran out with the Dauntless to the Dauntless compound. Initiation would start immediately after they arrive. The first step was to go through their own fear landscape and face their biggest fears. Tobias went last and faced his fears. He had done the best with only having four fears which is how he got his nickname of Four. Tobias had done great in all of the tasks and got first in his class. The first-ranked initiate got to pick whatever job they wanted in Dauntless. Tobias chose to be an initiation instructor and when he is not teaching he works in the control room. He had the option of becoming a Dauntless leader but he denied it and let his rival, Eric, have the job. About a year and a half later it was time for Tobias' first initiate class. He had a pretty big handful of initiates but was will to teach every one of them. There was one girl that stood out to him, her name was Tris. She was the second transfer ever from Abnegation and Tobias himself was the first. Tris had been the first jumper and Tobias helped her off the net. He instantly fell in love with her. As Tobias had helped his initiates through training, another problem arose. He had been spying on the Dauntless leader Max talking to the head Erudite leader Jeanine Matthews. They had a plan to use the Dauntless as drones to attack the Abnegation sector. Tobias did not know how to solve this problem but was determined to figure out a way.
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