The Fed

By Mason Ripp

About the Fed

The Feds purpose is to either add money or take it away so prices drop and rise. They Regulat how much money is in circulation and try to take oput the counter fits. They supervise us and how much mony we get but also the prices of thew products we buy. there are many district to like 1 in Boston, Massachusetts, 2 is in New york, 3 Philadalphia, Pensilvania, 4 clevland, Ohio, 5 Richmond, Virginia, 6 Atlanta, Georga, 7 Chicago, Illinois, 8 St.louis, Missouri, 9 Minneapolls, Minisota, 10 Kansas city MO, Minisota, 11 Dallas, Texas, 12 Sanfrancisco Califronia

Borad of Governors

Ben Bernanke- chairman, Janet L. Yellen- vice chairman also san francisco, Elizabeth A. Duke- Virginia, Daniel K. Taruell- Michigan, Sarah Bloom Radskin- San Francisco, Jeremy C. Stein- New York, Jerome H. Powell- Massachucets


Their function is to barter with other countries or banks in the U.S. to figure out which of the 2 monotery policies the should use at the moment to lose or add money.

Bureau of Engraving and Printing

Their job is to print thre paper money and engrave the coins.

  • In 1934 the highst bill ever made was a 100,000 dollar
  • They are looking to chance the 100 dollar bill

U.S. Mint

Thair Responsibility is to specilize in making coins and limited addition coins.

  • They have 2 specilized factories for the state quarters
  • Thye specilize in Gold, Silver, and copper coins