HIV and AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa

People living with HIV and AIDS

72% of all people in the world who suffer from HIV and AIDS live in sub Saharan Africa.

People living with AIDS in 2012 is 25,000,000.

12,900,000 of them were women above the age of 15.

70% of all Africans suffer from HIV and AIDS.

More than half of the hospitals' residence are occupied by people with HIV.

Adult prevalence in sub Saharan Africa in 2012 is 4.7%.

Deaths by HIV and aids in sub Saharan Africa

In 2012 1,200,000 people died from HIV and aids.

Over 15 million people have died since the beginning of the epidemic.

Aids is the leading cause of death in sub Saharan Africa. (Worldwide it is the fourth)

3 million people died of aids related causes in 2001, 2.2 million of them came from sub Saharan Africa.

Children living with HIV and aids

91% of HIV positive children live in Africa.

Children living with aids in 2012 is 2,900,000