Thomas Jefferson

Author, President, actress

Early life

Thomas Jefferson was born  in Virginia on April 2, 1743. He lived in Virginia in Shadwell in central virginia. Tom had ten sibblingsand came third to be born. Only two did not  survive.Tom thought his father was the strongest person in the world.He thought that because his father picked up two buckets that weighed 1,000 pounds!!Tom loved to read books he loved them so much he can read for fifteen hours straight! Later on his cousin Randoulph parents died.Since they died Toms parents heped raise the three kids.

Later Life

Tom moved to Williamsburg in the spring of 1760.Tom studied for a test to become a lawer.If you pass you become a lawer.In 1770 his house burned down in shadwell. That same year he built a mansion with thirty five bedrooms.he called his new home monticello. It means little mountain in Italian.When he was 16 he fell in love with Rebeca Burwell. Peaple usually married early:women 16,17  and men 21,22.At a ball Tom saw his chance to propose. A few weeks later he just said it out of no where. months later she married another man.It took a while for Tom to forget about it.Later in 1770 he met Martha Wayles Skelton.She was 22 years old and already had a son. They fell in lov e with each other and they both loved music so they played alot.Tom played his violin and martha played the harpsichord.Martha and Tom got married and left home withjohn their son behind.He became ill and ended up diying.They had five daughters and one son. only two survived to adulthood others died before the age of three. THe two that survived were Maira and Patsy.

Tall Toms Death

Here was buried Thomas Jefferson author of the Declaration of Independence of the statue of virginia for religious freedom and father of the university of virginia born April 2,1743Died July 4 1828