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Overnight Temple trip was AWESOME! We had lots of youth participating... 18 large pizzas were consumed, girls stayed up till 3:30 in the morning (not sure how late the boys were up!) 17 youth did baptisms at the Kansas City Temple, over 16 feet of subway sandwiches were consumed and many packages of Oreo cookies! 20+ youth tubed on three different boats after lunch. I know I'm exhausted from the weekend but it was great to see the youth socializing together and forming friendships! (I've attached a few photos to the bottom of this newsletter.... incentive to read the whole thing!)

Girls Camp: Zion's Camp at Farwest will be Thursday, June 13 and returning on Saturday, June 15. Girls need to meet at the church on Thursday at 7:00am (Transportation leaves promptly at 7:15! If you are late you will be driving yourself up to camp!) There have been some concerns about "foot wear" for camp...

It is strongly suggested that girls wear thick sole tennis shoes or better yet, hiking boots. Around the camp area it has been raked fairly well. The hiking trail has been recently mowed and leaders that took the hike over the weekend did not have any issues in tennis shoes, but they were very careful while they were walking. It was suggested that you might check out local thrift stores for hiking boots. The RS is also sending out an email to see if there are any women that have boots that would be willing to "loan" them out for the week. If you are needing this type of "loan" please let Aimee Patterson know and she can try to "hook you up" with some boots!

All "campers" will need a signed parent permission and medical release form because of the rope swing and zipline that will be available for the girls to use. If you have not already signed a permission slip, please contact Aimee Patterson.

Girls will be returning on Saturday, June 15 at 4:30 - please be ready to pick up your campers at the church at 4:30! :)

Packing List: Packing List is listed below. Please be sure to bring at least 2 water bottles so that you can stay hydrated this week - temperatures are rising!

Youth Conference Registration: Youth conference for 14+ wIll be July 18-20 at Northwest Missouri State University. Young women need to register for Youth Conference by June 16. If you have already registered can you please let Sister Patterson know so that she can get an accurate head count of who will be attending!

You can find the link for the July 2013 Youth Conference Registration below. All youth 14+ planning to attend need to register online. All youth also need to have parents sign a permission slip and medical release form ... Sister Patterson has the forms that need to be signed.

Wednesday Night Activity: There will be no Wednesday Night Activity due to camp this week!

Our Story Goes On: Presented by the Nauvoo Pageant. A musical performance about the joys and triumphs of life. Featuring professionals of stage, film, television and popular recordings. Admission is FREE, but we will be collecting for Harvesters. Sunday, June 30, 2013, 5:00pm at Liberty North High School.

June Calendar Dates

June 13-15: Girls Camp

June 16: BYC @ 12:15

June 19: Joint; Planning meeting

June 26: Class activities

June 30: 5th Sunday; Bishopric teaches

Come Follow Me & Personal Progress

June: Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

"The keys of the kingdom of God are committed unto man on the earth." (D&C 65:2)

This month's lessons will help the young women understand the priesthood and how it can bless them now and in all their future roles as daughters of God. The priesthood is the power of God used to bless all of His children equally, both male and female.


June 1: Chloe's 17th Birthday

June 6: Maddy's 17th Birthday

June 7: Katelyn's 13th Birthday

June 25: Myranda's 16th Birthday

Girls Camp Packing List 2013

Camp Supplies

Good Attitudes

Good walking shoes (thick sole or hiking boots!) (no flip flops)

Modest shorts (knee length)

Personal clothing to wear for three days

Modest PJ’s

Tooth paste/brush


Pony tail holders



Insect repellant


Sun glasses


Bath towel and wash rag

Feminine hygiene products

Lip balm

Snack food (air tight containers)


Long sleeve shirt or jacket

Rain poncho

Flash light

First aid kit

Small back pack or fanny pack

Sleeping bag

small air mattress (if desired)


Extra blanket

Trash bags (in case of rain)

Extra batteries

Pocket knife (2nd year)




Water bottle to use for three days.

Items not allowed

Bad attitudes

Cell phone

Mp3 players

No face cards

Church News & Events

New Young Women Leaders Express Gratitude, Hope

We are grateful for the marvelous outpouring of support and love we have felt from members around the world. What a great honor and privilege it is for us to be called to serve the young women of the Church in these exciting times. With the recent announcement of the lowered age for young missionaries, the worldwide introduction of the new Come, Follow Me youth curriculum, and the emphasis on the youth being involved in doing family history research, we feel blessed to be a part of this hastening of the Lord’s work (seeD&C 88:73).


  • Sister Oscarson: Miracles will happen and lives will be blessed as leaders seek and receive divine guidance.
  • Sister McConkie: Parents and leaders who teach, testify, and exemplify gospel doctrines help strengthen young women.
  • Sister Marriott: Teach faith in Jesus Christ and help young women be worthy to make sacred covenants and receive temple ordinances.

To read the full article click on the link:

New Era Message

How to Define Yourself

by Elder Dallin H Oaks

Be careful how you characterize yourself. Don’t characterize or define yourself by some temporary quality. The only single quality that should characterize us is that we are a son or daughter of God. That fact transcends all other characteristics, including race, occupation, physical characteristics, honors, or even religious affiliation.

Always remember that you are a son or daughter of heavenly parents, seeking to qualify for your eternal heirship under that parentage.

(New Era, June, page 48) read full article:

Contact a member of the Young Women Presidency

Xio Freestone President 824-1480

Amanda Lopez 1st counselor 401-7122

Maggie Anderson 2nd counselor (801) 793-8038

Aimee Patterson secretary 678-8453 or