Multigenre Literary Project

English I Pre-AP

Your 5th six weeks project is to create a multigenre paper based upon a work of literature

You must do three things:

  • read/reread the work,

  • research criticism about the work, the historical time in which the work was written, and the author

  • write a multigenre paper that explores and communicates through imaginative genres the content and themes of the literature, as well as historical/critical information and, perhaps, biographic information about the author that illuminates the work in some way and enhances the reader’s thinking about that work and author.

What Components Must the Literature-Based MGP Contain?

Write the Introduction/Dear Reader last. Start with your choice genres and then end with the required elements.

  • Introduction/Preface/Dear Reader

  • Expository piece (250-350 words. Make this vivid, informational, straight-ahead writing. Boil your topic down to essentials. Write exposition that is good to read.)

  • Bibliography

  • Note Page

  • Choice Genre

  • Choice Genre

  • Choice Genre

  • Choice Genre

  • Choice Genre


  • A visual element

  • Unifying elements (repetend, repeated images, genres answered, fragmented narrative, a detail just mentioned in one piece but exploded and illustrated in a later piece)
Click here for choice genre options you may try!

You are not limited to these options.

Click Here for Individual Choice Genre Rubric (RUA)

This rubric is for the individual choice genre writings you will do.

Click Here for Holistic Rubric (AEC)

This rubric is for your final overall project.