Don't Smoke, You'll Choke!

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Our youth: Smoking up in smoke.

As we know, smoking is very harmful. Cigarette smoking is used all over the world. Even some kids under 18 (legal smoking age in Canada) are using cigarettes. At any local store, cigarettes are sold, in which more and more people are exposed to. Peer pressure, one of the main reasons people start smoking also has a huge impact on why our youth smokes.

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Interesting facts

So if you're here, either to quit smoking, or motivate yourself to not do it, here's 6 interesting facts that may convince you.

  • Deadly Ingredients: A single cigarette contains 28 carcinogens. (Chemicals that cause cancer.) It also has a chemical known as arsenic, which is used as rat poison.
  • Life Expectancy: Cigarettes can decrease your life expectancy by 10 years, or more
  • Cancer/Diseases: Cigarettes cause diseases, and cancers such as the following; Lung cancer, Oral cancer (cancer of the mouth), pancreatic cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, et cetera.
  • Your friends and family: Not only do you receive the smoke, others around you do too. Your friends and family can receive your smoke, and the deadly diseases and cancers behind it too.
  • That Stench: When you start smoking, all the chemicals that are released can make your clothes, and yourself smell. It may also be very hard to get off as well, and overall, it's not just wasting money on cigarettes, but your clothes too.
  • Deaths: Cigarettes have caused 6 million deaths (more or less) each year

I genuinely hoped this helped you a little bit to achieve your goal!

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The freedom of quitting.

Now, at first, it may be hard to quit, but here's some ways to help you quit.

  • Think of how happy you'll be when you're smoke free!
  • Set a calender and set a goal! (Eg; decrease your smoke amount from 10 cigarettes a day to 5.
  • Refer to these helpful lists and consider why smoking isn't the best choice. When you tell your mind something isn't right, you won't believe how effectively your mind will agree.
  • Refer to for more helpful facts and information.
Big image

One of the many cancers one can receive.

In this picture, we see a very bad case of oral cancer. This is just one of the many cancers one can receive, and may get far more fatal.