coniferous Forest

By: Adarsh Patel

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Aboitic/ Biotic factors

Biotic Factors:
  1. plants/ trees
  2. wildlife/animals
  3. algae

Abiotic Factors:

  1. rocks
  2. water
  3. soil

A foodweb of the coniferous forest

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About the biome

The Coniferous forest experiences long snowy winters and short and humid summers. Most of the trees grow pin needles instead of leaves and are evergreens. This biome has many animals and other life forms because of the weather conditions and resources in the area. The soil is acidic and have compacted humus layers. The locations of these forests are in Canada, Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Humans effect on the biome

Humans destroy the animals shelter by logging( cutting down trees) and also cutting down trees changes the climate which also effects other animals not just those that live in trees. Humans help the Coniferous forest by controlling forest fires allowing trees to spread their seeds. Another way we help the forest is by protecting endangered animals.

Interesting Facts

This forest has the fewest amount of animals than any other forest.