Force and motion and Newton's laws!

and simple machines!


A pulley, inclined plane, compound machine, screw, lever, fulcrum, wheel and axle. We are all examples of a simple machine. And forget don't forget newtons laws of motion! Let's read more into the article and find out about simple machines in newtons laws of motion!

Simple machines

Pulley: Allows you to lift things that are heavy by pulling the bottom rope. Like rising a sail on a boat.

Inclined plane: creates a path going up so you can roll things with wheels onto surfaces. Like putting a lawn mower in a truck.

Compound machine: more than one simple machine working together. Like the chain on a bike working.

Screw: The lines on the screw help the screw go into things easier. Like putting a screw in a board of wood.

Lever: you pull one end and the other side with something on it will go up. Like lifting a heavy rock with out your hands.

Fulcrum: you need a fulcrum in the middle to allow the lever to work it. Like it helps make the lever turn.

Wheel and axle: is the wheels on a car a wheel with a hole in it and a stick put in it makes the wheel and axle. Like wheels on a car moving.