This Week in Ms. Heslop's Class

October 10th-14th

Reader's Workshop

In reading this week we've been learning how to read the books in our book bin with the help of a partner. Students learned that we start out back to back so that we can read by ourselves. Once they have read on their own long enough I let them sit elbow to elbow and knee to knee (EEKK!). We've practiced reading a book together, taking turns with the same book, and taking turns reading a book from their own book bin. Once we practiced enough early on in the week, I started to allow them to read this way during reader's workshop rotations when they go to their book bin time. In stations, students worked on matching words to the beginning sound AND the ending sound, and CVC words with the short a.


In Letterland, we learned about Bouncy Ben, Jumping Jim, Red Robot and Quarrelsome Queen. We only have one more week of Letterland and then we will start getting ready for our parade! In honor of fire safety, students wrote about firemen/women, firetrucks, and fire safety in their writing station. I love reading through their writing everyday!

Math Workshop

On Monday we started to learn about comparing numbers. Students learned about Ally Alligator, who loves to munch on big numbers but small numbers make her belly sore! I've introduced them to a game where they and their partner roll a dice, build a number tower and then use "chompers" (toy teeth) to eat the bigger number. Towards the end of the week, we started using the vocabulary greater and less instead of big and small. We also started working on using the sign for greater than/less than between two numbers. This is where we will pick up next week. In math stations, students are working on matching numbers to quantities up to 20, building numbers 1-10, and reviewing different representations of numbers (in a tens frame, on fingers, written, etc.).

Picture Day

Picture day is next week on Wednesday the 19th. Order forms were sent home on Monday. If you intend on ordering pictures please return the form with your method of payment as soon as possible.

Rescue Ranch Field Trip

Our first field trip is coming up on October 25th. Three forms were sent home for you to fill out and you were asked to send in $11 for your child to get in. I have reached out to a few parents who I have some forms/money from but some are missing. If you received a message please get the missing items to me as soon as possible. If you did not receive a message then you are good to go! If you want to verify that you've turned everything in let me know and I will be happy to!

Parent Teacher Conferences

I will begin conferences on Monday the 17th and will hold them until the 27th. I sent out a link to my sign up last week and still have slots available! Please sign up for a conference time as soon as possible. It is very important that I meet with everyone before report cards go home. Here is the link to the sign up page:

Class Mom or Dad Needed!

I am looking for a class Mom or Dad who can help me organize parties and events. Responsibilities would include organizing activities and gathering supplies for parties, and organizing certain school spirit functions. The first responsibility would be coordinating our class basket for Dragon Pride Night on November 4th. All needed assistance will be communicated in advance from me, and you will not spend any of your own money when gathering supplies. I would like to find one head mom or dad and two co-parents to assist them. If you are interested, please communicate with me via Class Dojo or a note in your child's folder. Please include if you would rather be chosen as the head mom or dad, or as a co-parent. To make my selection fair, I will draw names from a basket on October 17th and let the chosen parent know. Thank you in advance for your help!