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Granville County Public Schools: Granville Academy

Granville County Public Schools is offering a flexible learning choice for students in grades K-12 with Granville Academy for the 2018-2019 school year! Check out the information below that will help learn about Granville Academy.

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March 2018

Granville Academy is very busy since the Granville County Board of Education gave the approval to provide Granville County Public School students with a new choice in learning! Informational sessions were provided during the first week of March on Facebook Live and at Tar River Elementary and Northern Granville Middle Schools. Granville Academy also invited participants to act on an Advisory Team that will meet on March 20th. The Team will assist in preparation for the upcoming school year. Granville Academy also opened the GA Student Application and now have over 50 submitted applications!

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Choice Fair: Granville County Public Schools

Tuesday, April 10th, 4-7pm

4185 U.S. 15

Oxford, NC

Granville Academy will be at the GCPS Choice Fair on April 10th, 2018 at the Expo and Convention Center in Oxford. Stop by and see us among the many choices Granville County Public Schools will be offering next school year!

Kindergarten Registration

GCPS Kindergarten Registration Fair MEES: April 10th (7am-7pm)
GCPS Kindergarten Registration Fair WOES: April 12th (7am-7pm)

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Granville Academy

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