The Amazing Race!

By: Hiwot Zena

Starting point :Honolulu,U.S.A

All teams will meet up at Honolulu and will be given their 1st task!

Honolulu life

In Honolulu it's mostly sunny and dry throughout the whole year.An interesting fact is that you can find over 1,500 seashells.Also Honolulu is in Hawaii which is the only island state.A tradition they have is hula.Hula dancing originated from Hawaii.They usually dance at festivals.
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Santiago lifestyle

Chile Is kind of weird since it is a very long so the weather can be as hot as a desert or as cold as the subarctic but it's warm in Santiago.They have many volcanoes and frequent earthquakes.A holiday they have is Dia de la Raza.It means day of the race.It's basically Columbus day just in Chile.
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Title: Salsa with Chilé

Teams have to try and learn a moderate salsa with a video.They will be judged by professionals if they fail they will be allowed to see the video again.They have to practice until they get it right.Then they will get the next task.


Living the life in Berlin

Berlin has mild summers and wet winters.It has many small mountain ranges and wide valleys.A well known site is the berlin wall.1 of their holidays is Fasching.That means carnival. The carnival starts on November 11 at exactly 11 minutes after 11 am and ends on Shroud Tuesday(fat Tuesday).
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Title:Which wall?

Teams have to find a specific graffiti on the berlin wall.They will be given a short detailed description and they can ask people if they want to.(the berlin wall is a very famous site and it has a lot of history behind it.)


Cairo is life

In Cairo the days are long and the summers are hot and humid.The Nile river runs through Egypt.Their traditions inculdes Ramadan(also known as Ramadhan or Ramzan).This is when muslims fast and pray for a period of time.

Title: Woah! Slow down.

Teams have to successfully ride a camel to a ending point.If they are successful they get the next clue if not then they get a 5 feet head start on their next try.

Location: Seoul,South korea

In the heart and Seoul(hehe)

Seoul has all 4 seasons and heavy flooding is common.There are many islands surrounding Korea including the most famous island...Jeju island.Also many places are forested.2 holidays they have is Seollal (lunar new year) and Chuseok (thanksgiving).

During Seollal many people visit their families.They also wear colorful traditional clothing called hanbok.Koreans would eat Tteokguk on that day which you would also eat on birthdays but in Korea birthdays are different.In Korea as soon as a baby is born the baby is 1 years old.After Seollal everybody is 1 year older.

Chuseok is a major harvest Festival that lasts for 3 days.When it is the time many people will pay respects to the spirits of their ancestors.When doing this they are returning the favors and honor them.They will also visit their graves and tend to them (remove weeds etc.)

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Title: Manners!

Annyeonghaseyo(hello)Team your 5th task is to eat traditional Korean food while using Korean table manners.A lady that is very knowledgeable in Korean culture will teach you if you fail you must try again! ( Food is a very important thing in Korean culture.It's not a social gathering without food!Also many times people would ask if you are eating or if you are eating well.This just means they care about you and your health)


Melbourne living

In Australia it's almost always hot but snow does fall in the mountains.Their are many zoos where you can find animals like koalas and kangaroos.A holiday they celebrate in Anzac day.Which is 1 of Australia's most important national holidays.It was the 1st major military fought by Australian and new Zealand forces.
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Title:Where are they?

  1. Teams have to go through a zoo and find all famous Australian animals.They have to do this in maximum of 25 minutes.If they fail they have the choice to either have 5 more minutes or take 1 animal off the list.(Australia is known for it's cute and cool animals)



Dallas Texas is your ending point.Hurry to see what place you are in and if you get a prize!
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