SPR GATAS December

Information for Students & Parents December 2015

SPR GATAS S'more Newsletters Vol. 2 Issue 3

Here is a quick update on our S'more newsletter for updates on our Gifted and Talented Academy of Students activities.

Our SPR GATAS 5 are engaged in amazing research about their heritage. This week we would like the student to insert some photos or family members or keepsakes into their digital family tree. If you have a photo you would like your student to use, please email me with an attachment. I will make sure they include it in their "Climbing My Family Tree" project.

Please help them make connections with phone, email, and any social media as we go into the season of gratitude and thanksgiving. I am very proud of the quality of the writing that is emerging from our 22 fifth grade GATAS students! Their project will definitely become a keepsake to share with your family members near and far.

Our SPR GATAS 4 contributed to an excellent Veterans Day program about flags.

We are thankful to Ms. Monica Stevens for creating beautiful barn wood flags for our program. We were able to receive signatures from over 30 veterans.

Our SPR GATAS 3 students have been enthralled with their research of Egyptian number systems. Who doesn't want to learn about Hieroglyphics, pyramids, and Egyptian life way back...

Study Caesar's English! You will have prodigious knowledge and sagacity!

Students access all Caesar's English via quizlet. We have a new game too!!! Gravity, ask you students about it!

Type in www.quizlet.com

Search glawea

Find the starfish

Find your folder~ 3rd, 4th or 5th grade folders.

Students can study using flashcards, games, tests and many other features. Quizlet is free to you.

Students will have a quiz the end of each month.

That is the last Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday of each month.

Third grade has lessons 1-10 this year.

Fourth grade has lessons 11-20 this year.

Fifth grade has lessons 1-10 in Book 2.

We usually cover 2 lessons per month. That would be five word stems and five advanced words. Students are responsible for all preceding lessons, including the previous grades.

Students can use Quizlet or check out my study links on Blendspace as well.

Keep studying!!! WE will have a quiz the last week of GATAS before we leave for vacation.

3rd. Grade ~ Lessons 1-4

4th Grade ~ Lessons 1-14 (includes 3rd grade words)

5th Grade ~ All book 1 random words and Book 2 Lessons 1-4

WE will play a little Caesar's Baseball to warm up as well.


We have two Twitter accounts.

1. iteachGT @GlaweAnne - this is my professional teacher account. I welcome you to follow me.

2. Mrs. Glawe's DN @SPRGATAS - this is our private GATAS academy account. You can ask to follow us and I will approve.

Please remember you can email us anytime.

Mystery Skype & Mystery Number is Back!

One of our favorite learning activities is Mystery Skype. WE are a Skype Classroom where we travel to different states and countries via Skype. I have connected with a few educators to begin our journey again this year. Several of our classes will Skype this year. This is one of the best way to ready our students as a 21st century graduate. They use many problem solving skills, social skills, along with geography, math, technology, language arts, history to figure out where their Mystery Skype partner is located.

HOUR of CODE is here!

This week each of our GATAS classes will participate in the Hour of Code. Students will learn beginning computer programming skills. This year the creators will have a "STAR WARS" theme.

Also, Verizon store is offering a free Cardboard viewer for Verizon customers. This will allow students to use their itouch, or iphon, or android phone to have virtual field trips.

Check it out!

This is the third year our GATAS students have participated. Students will be using their gwd50 email and my link to set up new accounts. I will be monitoring their progress. You can try it too! Go to code.org to find out more.

Hour of Code - Introduction
Betsy Ross Sews Flags for Life
The First Flag of George Washington
History & Future of the Flag
The Colors of the USA flag & Why the National Anthem
The Folds Of The USA Flag

Merry Christmas from SPR GATAS!

SPR Spelling Bee Club

12/7 2:45-3:45 Bring Folder, log and list. 12/14 2:45-3:45 Bring folder, log and list. WE will JIngle SPELL! See you at club!

Vidyo Conference with NASA