Multiple Pregnancies!

What's in your future?

High-Risk and Concerns

Concerns From The Parents

Many parents worry if their babies will develop to their fullest ability while in the womb, in a multiple pregnancy the babies are more likely to be born premature compared to a single birth. This is normal, but the baby or babies may need more assistance to be stable and have the ability to breath and do things on their own. So don't worry to much.

Babies :D

Twins! (:

Many women give birth to twins every day. Statistics show that out of 1000 births 33 of them are twins. You can have a set of identical or fraternal twins. Identical twins look alike and are the same-sex, fraternal can be a same-sex or opposite-sex, and have some similarities but not many.

Triplets ! (;

If you thought one baby was a handful imagine having 3 at once!! That is what we call triplets. Triplet are usually a mixed type of pregnancy, you can either have identical/fraternal, all fraternal or all identical.