My dream vacation


My dream vacation is Florida, my destination is located in Gulf Of Mexico. I want to visit Florida because the beach is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. Florida is so great because the water is so clear you could go deep into the ocean and the water would be crystal clear.

10 Interesting Facts About Florida

Florida averages about 10 deaths and 30 injuries a year from lightning.

Orlando attracts more visitors than any other amusement parks.

Florida means "Feast Of Flowers" in Spanish.

Haines city is known as The Heart Of Florida.

Florida is known for very beautiful clear light blue water.

There are 67 countries in Florida.

The state flower for Florida is the Orange Blossom

Florida has 1,800 mile of coastline

The flag for Florida has a white background and two red crosses with the state seal in the middle.

The state nickname is the Sunshine State.


It would take 15 hours and 57 min to get from here to Florida.

Florida is 1,033.4 miles from Willis.

I will take Madison Lowery with me!

We will get there by a private plane.

We will stay for 2 weeks.


We will stay in a fancy hotel - Melia orlando Hotel.

It has a pool in a circle around the building and it is $10,328 to stay there.

We will need to pack a swim suit and sun glasses with lots of snacks and drinks for the beach. Also plenty of cloths sense we will be swimming.


Our trip will cost alot sense we will be getting on a plane, especially a private one.

Lodging will be alot of money 10,000 dollars just to stay at a hotel near the beach!
We will be spending alot of money sense were in Florida, buying things to remember Florida and food with lots of other stuff.

Food is a big concern, we will more than likely want to go to some Restaurant near the bech and I'm sure they are not too cheap.

Travel will be alot of money, we will be traveling on a plane so that's not gonna be fun with money.

Airfare will be alot of money, I am not sure a plane ticket to Florida will be cheap.

Gas won't be a concern because we are not riding in a car.


We will go to the beach while we are there.

We can go to Seaworld, Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Jungle Island etc...

It provides a lifetime experience to go a beautiful beach with beautiful water and to go with someone you love and remember that memory.