Site of Palmyra

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What is Palmyra?

Palmyra is were the first ever city was built.

It was built in the 1 to 2 century when the

roman-greco and palmra people came together

and built the first city.

How it got on the the site.

One is to show the the human artistic/creativity in building

beautiful patterns.Two it is one of the most important sites you can see

in ancient history. And three the shows the ancient history of the first city built. Four it was the first to second century when they build the most impressive city in the Syrian Arab Republic.

What dose this place contain?

In the syrian desert, northeast of Damascus Palmyra

contains the tall stones of the great city that was one

of the most important cultural thing you may see in the ancient world.

Why is this site so important in history?

From the first to the second century of the art and arch

meaning a wall of some sort.Palmyra standing at the same group Graeco -

Roman and the palmyra joined together to make this important place history. Also it was the first city built.