Career Unit

Arth Devani

My future

My future career might be Software Engineer. I created lots of programs on my computer such as games, 3D drawings, etc... In ten years from now, I might be working for Google or Apple. I need to work really work really hard to create animated gaming programs. My family supports me to reach my goals. I want to have a good life and get educated much as I can. Probably in next ten years I'll be living in Chicago or Florida. I'll be the 1st person to get master's degree. I am looking forward to a good and bright future.

Expository Essay

I am Arth Devani. According to my personality test I am "Blue". This color fits me because I need to fell unique and authentic. At work, they lead to a more significant lives. In childhood, I was a creative and imaginative child. According to my o*net interest profile result. I belong in the enterprising interest. It actually fits me because my uncle is a business man. They started their own business and carried out their projects and took risks.

My jobs from the list of ten varies. They really don't have suit me because I don't want to work for government. Theyna is extroverts. Since then you need talk to customers. Everyday th y have different things to do at work. Sometimes they would be working on tax file, than other day on oil file. Theses jobs are mainly inside. They allow for creative impact.

These jobs don't match up with me and my personality. I want to have my own business and I don't want to work for government. Having my on business is a big achievement for me. It gives me a lot of money and I want get educated much as I can.

Personality Test

Color: My color is BLUE. Blue color represents me to fell enthusiastic and sympathetic. I look for compassionate life. I need to be responsible and to care. I value peace in relationships. I am natural nurturer.

O*net interest profile: My interest is Enterprising. They like work that has to do with starting up and carrying out business projects. These people like taking action rather thinking about it. They like persuading and leading people, making decisions, and taking risks for profits.
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List of 10:

1. Cashier

2. Mediators

3. Air traffic and controllers

4. Credit checkers

5. Private detective and investigator

6. Order clerk

7. Financial managers

8. Investment fund manager

9. Loan counselors

10. Energy broker

Financial Managers: They direct and coordinate financial activities of workers in a branch. On the job they world establish and maintain relationships with individuals or business customers with any problems. Recruit staff members. Their salary is $115,320 per year. You need to have a bachelors degree and high school diploma. This job fits me very well because I am creative and capable of this job. I've many major strategies to reach my company highest goal. This job is indoor.


Looking at various opportunities such as University of Dallas, University of Miami, and University of North Texas, I've decide to go to University of Dallas. University of Dallas has business education department which is the major that I need to achieve my goal becoming a Financial Manager. Financial Manager has a lager amount respect in business department. Also I want to go University of Dallas because its cheap and it's not about Texas. I don't like to go to collages that are out of state. this collage is cheap too. Also I don't like to go far from my family so this collage would be better. They also have good basketball team.
University Of Dallas Men's Basketball 2014-15


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My projected career salary is $115,320 a year and my projected expenses are $60,066. My salary is higher than my expenses, I am able to enjoy a good lifestyle that i would love. I am looking forward to a good and wealthy lifestyle that i will enjoy as well as provide my future family a good life with financial savings.