Transition Plus

A little progress each day adds up to big results

My Great Idea

The district will be extending the deadline to submit a proposal for My Great Idea to this Friday (10/20). To apply please visit and select “Apply Here”. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive funding and support to make your innovative idea become a reality! All it takes is a couple minutes to fill out a form and tell us about your great idea on how to better serve students.

Parking Notice

This past Thursday we had the fire alarm set off by the roofers. The firetrucks arrived and there were cars in the bus lane- This is also the fire lane.

We are to NOT park in the bus/fire lane at anytime unless it is for loading/unloading purposes only.

Employee Assistance Program

Kelli Skoog from the Employee Assistance Program will be here 10/26 from 11-1pm in the from office conference room. If you would like to talk with her and see what areas she can support you in please come chat with her.

Resources include referrals and supports not only for you but also for anyone living in your home. Please see some of the services she EAP offers in the pamphlets, on the table outside Jason's office

Attendance Celebration

On Monday October 23 from 2:30-3:30 pm come make a sundae in the staff lounge. This is for your attendance of 20 days at 95% or better.

There will be some options for those who do not do dairy or want to take it on the go.

Staffing News

You will see several new staff in the building. Please take a moment to say hi and introduce yourselves and welcome them into our building.

Feruza, Dave, and Todd are all on Team one.

Summyr is providing training support until Nov. 10th.

Options for 2nd and 3rd Observation activities for Tenured Teachers:

Teachers, you should be making a selection for your 2nd and 3rd observation activities in eCompass.

When you click into their observation plan, you’ll see instructions on how to do this, when you click into the 2nd Observation tab or the 3rd observation tab.

Swedish Delegation

On Monday, there will be a visitor from Sweden in for the day. I have sent a schedule to those of you to help show her around and spend time in your classes- please help make Josephine welcome here in MN and at T Plus.

On Tuesday, the group of Swedes will be in the building to visit some will spend time in T Plus and some will spend time between Wellstone and ECSE. Again, help them feel welcome as they spend time in our building.

Video Links

If you liked the videos that were linked in last year's Monday Morning Memos, here is a whole list of them that you could use with your advisory.

If you have additional Youtube or TedTalk videos that you think would be good to share with T Plus staff let me know and we can add them to our Monday Morning Memos.

This week at T Plus

Monday --------- Josephine from Sweden visiting classes she

---------------------- expressed interest in seeing- schedule sent

----------------------Sundaes from 2:30-3:30

Tuesday ---------Team 2 meeting - 8am

----------------------Visit from the Swedish Delegation

Wednesday-----Team 3 Meeting- 3:15pm

Friday-------------ILT Meeting

----------------------Tuesday/ Thursday Schedule


----------------------Engagement and Building Relationships