Economic News Investigation

The Afterlife if a T-Shirt

NPR has studied that the US exports over a billion pounds of used clothes each year and a majority of it ends up in used clothes in sub Saharan Africa. They went to a giant used clothing store in Nairobi Kenya to see what happens to Americans clothes (including some of Planet Moneys T-Shirt) after Americans are done with them. They re-cycle the shirts they are given and make them into a shirt again that other people can wear.

I choose this one because it talks about the life of a recycled t-shirt and how it can be used again to help others who don't have clothes and can be cheeper for them to buy or be given them to them. I think this fall under goods/service because of what they are doing for the people taking their time to help others.

China, China, China

China Is the second largest economy, But shortly it may be crashing down. The Chinese officials don't trust the country's official economic numbers. Chinas market crashed just this summer and following the US market started to fall. They are falling really fast and bad.It is reflecting on what is going on in the world. The China stock market is kind of like a casino.. sometimes the market goes up and sometimes it will fall back down. They are telling people they shouldn't be worried with the Chinese stock market because they because the impact should be limited. The new technology could be changing the economy making it newer. Using less work force and using new technology, and its been shifting back and fourth for awhile.

I think this topic shows how China work and they are talking about their economy system and how it is troubled and what they need to do to help it. They talk about the ways of changing it and putting in a new system to help it and they say its just keeps going back and fourth. I think this falls under Industrial/emerging economy because of the economy and how its falling and then going back up they don't know where it stands.

Confederate Flag Supporters In Georgia Indicted on Terrorism Charges

15 supporters of the confederate flag were indicted on terrorism charges in Douglas County, A suburb of Atlanta. The 15 are charged with terrorism threats and violating an anti-street gang ordinance during July 25th with a group of white men in confederate and american flag-adorned pickup trucks clashed with a group of black people just attending an outdoor party. This incident was caught on a video from someones cellphone. These men are part of a group called "Respect the Flag". Police separated the men from the party goers from the men in the truck. The people at the party said to the police that they do not feel safe and that it was a threat. The police said that they respect everyone and have to make every one and anyone feel safe and secure

I chose this topic because we had something like this at school and wanted to see what more was going around the united stated with this problem it is affected still down there they pick at people of color and say mean things. This is a major issue with this problem everywhere and I think it should be researched more because of this issue. I think this category falls under Positive/Negative Externalities because of the situation that the people who chose to do this act they are harming people who were doing there own thing minding their own business and was interrupted because of the mens actions they caused

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Suprem Court Takes on Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection

The U.S. Supreme court wrestles Monday with problems that has long plagued the justice system. "Numerous studies demonstrate that prosecutors use peremptory strikes to remove black jurors at significantly higher rates then white jurors.Those are not the words of the defense in the case. They come from a group of highly regarded prosecutors, Republican and Democrat, conservative and liberal, who have filed a friend of the court brief siding. Jury selection is done according to a set of rules. Prospective jurors are usually questioned by both prosecution of rules. Prospective jurors are usually questioned by both prosecutors and defense lawyers and then windowed down into two different way. In 1986 supreme court added a third step in a case called Batson vs. Kentucky. Under the Batson rules, if the defense could show a racial pattern in prosecution peremptory strikes, the prosecutor would have to justify each one by demonstrating a nonracial reason for eliminating the juror. Prosecutors have found ways to get around this new rule. Studies have shown that these are proffered reasons are often a mere pretext for racial discrimination.

I think this is a good topic because it talks about how the supreme court tries to get around the issues that they are placed and how they go around. When they are asked racial problems they will try to avoid the reasoning and go another way and fight around that question that they are faced to answer. I think this topic fits most under Government Regulations because of the fact that is it being issued with the supreme court and what they are issued with.

Global Trade slump raises risk of recession

"Growth rates in 2015 have been past associated with global recession" They are saying that the growth rate this year will grow by just 2%. The average growth rate for 2003-2012 was 5.6%. The OECD cited that weaker world trade had shaved its forecast for global GDP this year to 2.9% from 3%. They say the world trade growth in the past few years was down to a weaker appetite for imports in the United States and Europe. China has a lower bank lending rate planned infrastructure investments and could put a floor under commodity prices, but help produce a small uptick in world trade next year.

I think this story relates well because this is what we are learning right now with the GDP and recession and depressions work so i thought this was a good topic to go over and learn more about it fall under the GDP one because thats what this topic is talking about.